Sleeve Savers™
Sleeve Savers™
Sleeve Savers™
Sleeve Savers™
Sleeve Savers™
Sleeve Savers™

Sleeve Savers™

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We all know that a welder’s sleeve and arm takes the most damage, Shielding the body from sparks. Our on the book’s patent pending sleeve saver™ works by covering the major burn/spark area of a welder’s forearm.
Not only does it keep the traditional green sleeve/jacket protected but also provides addition protection for the welder’s arm. Ask any welder and they will tell you “Sparks always burn though green sleeves and clothing.”We are the only company that can offer this item!



How to use: Simply warp around the forearm and Velcro securely.


                                                Our Sleeves Savers 

Cotton: Light weight 

great for any level welder.



Leather: Light weight

A must have for the warrior welder!

Premium leather top for extra protection 

Breathable cotton inside for second defense. 


Size:              medium    6.5 inches  wrest to elbow 

                       Large       8 inches wrest to elbow 

Not the right size? send it back no worries if you need a custom size let us know we got you!

Need some for your welding shop or store?

Contact us for wholesale

No more heavy leather sleeves, no more burns, no more holes in hoodies!

Have a favorite welding jacket that you can't use anymore due to wholes in arm?

Slap the sleeve saver on and bring life back !

Not only is this great for welders but always welding companies!

we all know welders go through welding sleeves like clock work , that's a lot of re buying weekly or monthly.

With our product you may only need to re-up once or twice a year!

saving your company money!

Welders all over are loving the sleeve saver

"Such a obvious and practical item, about time!" 

"Feels great, going on my 6 month differently worth the investment"

You will wounder how you got along with out it.